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Devastation by John Y5


Raging on and on,

Bombers rule the skies,

Never a night of peace,

Children’s piercing cries,

Calling for their parents,

And many a loved one lost,

In the ever-present winter,

Accompanied by the frost.


Troupes of displaced refugees,

Fleeing across the wreckage,

Of burnt out shells of houses,

Devastation edging closer,

The buzzing cold black war drones,

Like malignant blue-bottle flies.

Someday the guns will fall silent,

And gentle peace will reign,

But until then, let us pray to them,

the people in Ukraine.


Covid by Mark Y5

I still remember that devastating depressing time

I felt isolated and cold with nobody to talk to

Covid rolled on and on without a seeming stop

My parents felt stressed and their faces went as white

As snow.

My parents also started to feel sombre

And heavy hearted.

Something that had started as a dot of fear

Had now become a whole circle.

I had understood something was wrong

Very wrong


When Covid came to my doorstep

I was tired

I was as still as a rock laying in bed.

I felt like a bird in a cage

Imprisoned Unwanted.

Away from the world

I missed going to school.

Seeing all my friends on a screen

Wasn’t even comparable to seeing them in real life.

I felt detached from the world.

I had lost my soul



This was my devastating experience of COVID

A lockdown life by Theodore Y5

Keep your dreams

For if you forget

Life is a crowd

That doesn’t understand yet


Keep your dreams

And if you don’t

You fall

With nothing to break your drop


Cold life

Isolated doors

Neighbours locking themselves away

My dream deferred


The axe swings- a final blow

So many lives lost

A wrecking ball

Covid, the executioner’s new weapon


A saw breaking through the last

Stitches of my dream

 Unweaving them carefully.

I am nothing but empty skin

St. Alban’s Catholic Primary School is a Voluntary Aided school in the centre of the city of Cambridge in the grounds of the Catholic Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs (OLEM).

The school serves the Catholic community south of the river Camb but as a one form entry, places are not available to all the Catholic families. At St Alban’s we promote a strong Catholic ethos and provide cohesion amongst families who come from all over the city. Our mission statement Believe, Achieve and Succeedis alive in our school and we invite all visitors to experience this.

St. Alban’s is a happy and popular school where children are loved and cared for, where they become very independent, confident and reliable, as they experience the many wonderful opportunities ahead of them.

The children are at the centre of all our thoughts and actions, and by listening and working with them we offer an education which is fun, exciting and challenging.


Please explore our website to learn more about our school.

Mr McCrossan (Headteacher)